65daysofstatic - wild lights
65daysofstatic – the name still shrouded in inspirational ambiguity, the band still one of the most arresting live acts on the circuit – arrive at album four reborn. Following years of incessant touring, including tours with The Cure, not only all over the UK but worldwide. The ante had been upped. Those audiences that had been building since the bands conception simply exploded. But then, silence. A pause. Stasis for the ‘static. Rediscovery of music that passed them by before – Daft Punk, house music, hedonism over IDM headaches – and a prolonged period of writing where new ideas could exert substantial pressure on the old. September 2008 signalled the beginning of the end for 65days as they were – where interviewers would ask after the pros and cons of being pigeonholed a post-rock band – and the dawn of something wholly unexpected, against type and beyond bold.

Audacious, disregarding of former glories, We Were Exploding Anyway is 65days anew. This is lean, sleek, polished. Arrangements are taut, economical, with not a beat wasted. It’s peaks upon peaks ’til all that’s left is a drop so massive that to dive is to confront certain destruction. But to step off is too exciting to deny: the fall, an embrace to last a lifetime. We Were Exploding Anyway is a game-changer from a band that has only ever followed its own rules, and now they’re broken. Don’t pick up the pieces. Leave them. Dance over them. This time, and for all time, and those audiences… Those audiences were exploding anyway.