Exit Calm

If the past is a foreign country, then Exit Calm have a past worth exploring. After only two months together and one raw, visceral demo, the band were playing Tokyo’s Liquid Rooms; a gig that gave Stone Roses bassist Mani, cause to label them “proper fuckin’ music”. The band haven’t looked back since.

With soaring, widescreen guitar layers, deep heady grooves and front-man Nicky Smith’s primal delivery, echoes of musical heroes such as Elbow, Doves, Unkle, The Verve and Spiritualized are undeniable, yet Exit Calm’s output is incomparably unique and in a class of its own. This is a band that once seen, leave no doubt in belief, coming alive on stage and evoking an atmosphere of epic proportions.

The album has garnered much praise. Upon hearing it, Todd Eckhart (producer, ‘Control’) said: “Pure Genius – the assembly of iron and wood because temples must be made. And the avoidance of all that whiny, sexless bullshit passing for rebellion at the moment.” And his is not alone. Huw Stephens (Radio 1) said the band is “Truly Epic”, Guitarist Magazine described the album as “A sonic and soulful masterpiece.”, Inspiral Carpets/XFM’s Clint Boon declared: “file under the greatest rock bands of all time”.

In the current era of disposable heroes, Exit Calm tread a different path. From a band who simply list their influences as three legendary record labels, their output invokes the same classic approach to music as Creation Records. They bring the euphoria and hedonism of Factory to the progressive, with the forward thinking ideals of Mo Wax, producing music with heart, style and integrity.