Area 11


Area 11 is an alternative rock band from Nottingham, England. The band currently consists of four members; Thomas “Sparkles” Clarke, Alex Parvis, Jonathan Kogan and Leo Taylor. To date, they have released a number of singles, two EPs, and two studio albums.

They describe their sound as being Modern rock, as they draw influences from western rock, while incorporating elements from other genres and cultures.

They formed on 8 October 2010 in Nottingham during what was described by band front-man Sparkles as a “disastrous jam session”. Founding members Sparkles, Luke, and Alex then discovered their shared love of anime whilst watching Code Geass episode 22 “Blood Stained Euphy”, from which they wrote their first song, Euphemia.

The name “Area 11” is a reference to the anime Code Geass, as Japan is referred to as Area 11 in the series, with its citizens referred to as Elevens, a name which has come to collectively describe Area 11 fans.

Area 11’s music has already permeated alternative and popular culture, which is reflected their chart success and loyal fan base of over 100,000 worldwide. They have toured the UK on multiple occasions to capacity audiences.