Watch Angels in the Snow

Sam Duckworth


“‘The Mannequin’ (COOKCD544) is a record that came about pretty quickly. It was written whilst on the road touring the Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly album.

Having a touch of cabin fever and spending a bit too much time reading up theories on economic collapse, I set about writing a few songs. I guess the nature of the songs and the creative separation from tour made it a different album to a GCWCF record and thus it was time to dust off my first moniker.

Taking the songs into the studio was a challenge, but something that became enjoyable and consuming pretty quickly. Trying to make sense of the sketches was tough at first, ideas were fairly disparate and lyrics disjointed and rambling (nuclear apocalypse wasn’t throwing up too many good responses on Rhymezone.) After a while Jay Malhotra (a good friend who once saved my life in a German shopping centre, but that’s a different story…) spent a few days trying to capture the late night lucid space of travelling thoughts, in a more concise manner. Andy Theakstone (drums) and Jamie Allen (Bass) spent a few days with us at Andy’s studio (Unit studios) in Letchworth hammering out the band songs, catching the grooves and adding a bit of well needed release. A good mix from Dean Barratt and here we are.


I hope you enjoy the record. Thanks for your ears.