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In SATELLITES.01 Johnny wrote played and produced a remarkable life’s work in just 9 songs across 43 minutes. Quietly unassuming in its arrival, the album was unquestionably one of 2012’s most startling, indeed defining debut albums. And its impact is set to be amplified with a second album, SATELLITES.02, launching this summer. The video above is for the first single to come from Satellites02, “Wasteland”.

SATELLITES.01 is a welcome relief for those who thought we’d all lost faith in the art of the album. Not just a collection of brilliant songs, but a complete artistic statement, with a sense of narrative purpose: a monument to manhood — the need to provide, to deliver a legacy, to loved ones, to his son. A swell of guitars, piano, horns, strings and chorals, around Johnny’s breathtakingly direct lyrics, SATELLITES.01 sweeps from euphoria to melancholy and back with easy grace.