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Since Busy Gangnes and Melissa Livaudais released their 2009 debut opus Dance Mother, the pair decamped to Los Angeles for a few months seeking a change of scenery and a heavy dose of vitamin D. Energized by the sun and a radio populated by Egyptian Lover tracks, they wrote and recorded new material inspired by their enduring obsession with the 1980s synth-pop of Miami freestyle. “We both grew up listening to freestyle,” says Livaudais. “The rhythms are just so addictive.” The first release fromDestroyer is a special mix of the title track by super producer Dave Sitek of TV on the Radio on his new Federal Prism label, with the B-side remix seeing Trent Reznor throw back to his Pretty Hate Machine days. “All the songs are about people we love. It’s a record about fucking, basically,” quips Livaudais. “We’re both so bored of hearing asexual indie rock. The new album is full-on predator.”