“The trio is both noisy and joyous, the sort of band that makes you want to stand up tall, high-five a stranger, and then slam-dance them into the bar… to get the next round in, of course.” – CLASH MAGAZINE

TRAAMS formed in summer 2011 in the most unsuspectingly quaint surroundings of Chichester, West Sussex. They wrote one huge thunderous song during their first rehearsal that made spires quiver and cobbles wobble, and so Stu, Adam and Leigh decided to do this again every week. It seemed like a more productive pastime than how they first met, at the club night frontman Stu used to run, in what must have been the most exciting place in their hometown at that moment. From those darkened corners sprung forth the noisey, joyous krautrock squall that is TRAAMS.

Further bonded by their love of Abe Vigoda, Mclusky, Pavement, Television and Women, the trio recorded their first set of songs in November 2011 with Rory Attwell and continued to work with the producer throughout the following year. In February 2013 they recorded more songs with MJ from Hookworms in his Suburban Home Studio in Leeds, the results of which form their forthcoming debut ‘Ladders EP’.

““a noisy, joyous racket”  – THIS IS FAKE DIY