Chris Ford

Chris was originally inspired and encouraged to pick up the guitar and to write his own songs after a chance meeting in New York with John Cale of The Velvet Underground. In an afternoon, over a beer or two, they got talking and John advised Chris to go to Greenwich Village and start playing in front of a crowd. Chris took the plunge and that same evening he did his first ever live performance. Chris is based in London but in the past 18 months he has been gaining ground in the US where two of the songs from Good Morning America, A Little Rain Must Fall and Say Nothing have been played on over 170 Triple A radio stations and featured on several US syndicated radio shows. Say Nothing was featured as Record of the Day on it’s release in the UK. This was followed four months later by The Ballad of Donald Trump which was made Record of the Day on the day of the US Presidential elections. Chris spent several weeks in the US last year playing numerous gigs and gaining a growing set of loyal fans. His previous two albums This Atlantic Low and All Caught Up have had excellent critical reaction. All Caught Up which is essentially a live acoustic album gave rise to Chris undertaking over 40 live sessions for BBC radio stations around the UK. This was primarily driven by the success of the song When The Sun Grows Cold. His influences range from people he has big respect for such as Jamie T, Ryan Adams, James Blake and Elliot Smith and also to wider influences such as David Bowie, The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Damien Rice. After gaining permission from the rights holders of John Osborne estate Chris has now completed a musical version of Osborneā€™s most famous play Look Back In Anger. Currently in the studio recording the backing tracks for an album of the 14 songs that make up the The Look Back In Anger musical. He is also working towards having a local stage production in place before the close of 2019